New Mom Needs These 6 Best Apps in Her Smartphone

Congratulation for being a new mom! Aside from feeling the excitement for being a new mom, you may have struggle to balance your life as you need look after the baby(ies), while at the same time doing house chores, office work, and not to forget yourself. Thanks God, now the technology provides us some help to manage your new life as a mom. Through these best apps, you can learn how to be a good mother for your child.

  1. White Noise Baby


As the name, this apps contain various sounds, like train, beach wave, wind, and many more, which can help you to connect your baby to everyday sounds, as well as to soothe them to sleep soundly. This is not only a solution to help you calm your baby, but also a smart method to help your baby learning every day’s sounds.

  1. MammaBaby

Apple has just picked MammaBaby is one of the best apps to help a mother to take care of her baby. This app features helpful alarms which are efficient in establishing routines such as feeding, sleeping and raking medicines. This app is also possible for automatic synchronization of the baby’s log between several devices. By then, your partner who is as curious as the baby’s daily schedule can be informed at any time.

  1. Total Baby


The function of this app is somehow the same with MammaBaby. However, this app has more detailed features, so no wonder it gains popularity as the best baby logging and tracking app and gets featured in Parenting Magazine. Not only keeping track of feeding, sleeping schedule, pumping, it also saves the immunizations schedule, doctor’s visit, allergies and many more. For losing weight for nursing mom or called busui, check out

  1. Today’s Parent My Family

It is essential for a new mom to acquire all the relevant information for her baby. This app is the best you can install as it helps you to get all the development information based on your baby’s age and stage, simply by entering the age of your baby. More than that, this app lets you to create a digital scrapbook from your baby’s photos and videos through its Storybook feature.

  1. Baby Tracker Nursing App

The aim of this app is to keep your reminded of the breastfeeding schedule. This app is especially useful when you need to share the details with the doctor or the lactation consultant as it has a nursing history log recording the baby’s feeding time. The plus point of this app is that Baby Tracker Nursing can be used to keep track of up to 6 nursing logs for 6 different babies. So, this app is particularly ideal for a new mom with twins of even triplets.

  1. Instant Playdates

For a new mom, it is great to share information and experiences with the other moms with kids around her baby’s age. This app, works like a blind dating app, help you to arrange playdates with other moms whose babies are at a similar age as yours. After all, it has another benefit to help your baby to socialize and make friends as early as possible.

Top 3 apps for beauty bloggers

The top 3 apps for beauty bloggers are totally needed when you love blogging and you love writing about beauty and stuff. Blogging is more than a hobby, you can use it as the way to express yourself like telling the world this is who you really are with your own signature outfit look or something. Beside of that blogging can also make money. If your blog is visited by a lot of people, you can make a lot of money from it. So, below you will see the top 3 apps for beauty bloggers.

  1. Evernote


This app must be on your mobile phone if you are a real blogger. When you need the inspiration to write something, the ideas can appear at anytime and anywhere. To prevent forgetting the idea, you have to write the idea down as soon as possible. This is where Evernote is used. Evernote will allow you to write a note, take a picture, create to do list, and even create sketches. With this app in your mobile phone, you will be able to create your note related to what you are going to write letter. By writing it down, you will not forget the idea and as soon as you can get access to computer or laptop, you can start making your note in Evernote to a real article that you can post on your blog. Considering that you are writing about beauty, the Evernote is the best note app for you since only with Evernote that you can capture picture and do sketches. So, if you look people with cute clothes, you can take a picture of them and place it to Evernote.

  1. Pinterest


Pinterest is basically the warehouse of fashion bloggers. Here you can see numerous cute clothes that can totally be used as writing material. In Pinterest, you can like and save the pictures that you love. There are numerous categories as well and you can get a lot of inspiration for you. In this app, you can find your style for fashion as well and find so many new friends. For example, if you want to create a blog review regarding Gluta Panacea, you could create a pin or albums in pinterest reviewing the products.

  1. Instagram


A lot of people use Instagram today and they do not care if they post their outfit, their shoe collections, their clothes, and many more. That is why for a beauty blogger, Instagram is important. You are not only looking at your own account but also you can explore the Instagram and find what your friends are wearing or posting. If you love the picture that your friends post, you can like the picture and get inspired by it. Instagram uses the hash tag system so that you can tag whatever it is that you like and to anyone that you love to prank.

Beside of the three apps above, you can still a lot of apps to keep a beauty blogger beautiful. By using all of those apps can be used to make you a really better beauty blogger. This is the top 3 apps for beauty bloggers and you can consider all of them.

The Glam app, best app for beauty bloggers


Using the Glam app, best app for beauty blogger is absolutely important. A beauty blogger needs to be beautiful and creative at the same time. This app is exactly the one that you need. In previous article, we have discussed that Evernote, Pinterest, and Instagram are three of the best app if you are a beauty blogger. However, there is still the best of the best app that can help you to keep your blog sparkling and yourself beautiful. It is called the Glam app. This app is created by a very famous celebrity hair and makeup artist named Joey Maalouf. With this app, there are many things that can inspire you to make the house pretty. Below, you will see the reasons why the Glam app, best app for beauty blogger is important.

  1. Lots of Inspiration

This app will give you a lot of inspiration related to beauty. Because beauty is what you write, you need to download this app and find out what is the latest trend and so on. This app is full of updated pictures related to fashion and you can totally use the app to keep your blog alive.

  1. Delivery Beauty Service

This is basically the point of this app: delivering beauty service. The beauty service that you can use is including hair, nail, and makeup. So, if you are in hurry and you have no time to go to salon and have to endure the traffic on the road, just use this app to call someone from Glam app to your house and have your hair done, your nail down, and also your makeup done. The price is relatively inexpensive and the person coming to your house will be very professional and you can express your idea by communicating with the staff of Glam app doing your makeup. There is nothing to be shame about when you express your plan because after all you are at home and you have no one around to criticize your idea.

  1. Can’t do Beauty? It is All Right

If you are a person who usually do not like putting on makeup but you still have to look neat, Glam app is the best app for you. Cannot putting on makeup is not a big deal because someone will learn about it overtime. However, if someone really can’t put on makeup and there is no one else around to do the makeup for you, you can simply call the staff from Glam app. They are all professional and you should see how many boxes of equipment the staff use. Only by seeing that, you can see that this person from Glam is really professional.

Glam app can be used in iPhone and Android mobile phone. If you do not want to regret, you have to install this app to your mobile phone and have fun with it. Using the Glam app, best app for beauty blogger is absolutely important and you need to keep it in mind that you need to be stylish and beautiful.

What Are Top 3 Apps for Calorie Counting?

Top 3 apps for calorie counting are helpful for those people who want to lose weight systematically. The application can be a scale replacement. You can manage calorie intake through this calorie counting application in an easier way. A body requires sufficient calorie to activate optimally so that it must be controlled for body consumption. When calorie intake is balanced, it is healthy for body. Otherwise, it can be an enemy for increase of body weight.

Noom Weight Loss Coach

Due to the development of technology, there are some brilliant ideas and health technological tool created. It absolutely gives benefits to succeed a diet program that is conducted by many people currently. You do not need a piece of paper and pencil anymore to calculate calorie consumed every day. It is sufficiently downloading a calorie counting application on your smartphone. Then, the percentage success of your diet will increase. This application helps you diet program to input food data that will be consumed every day and calculate the number of calorie using programmed nutrition database on the application.

Some applications even have been completed by barcode scanner assisting you to select foods bought and consumed in order to succeed your diet program. Noom Weight Loss Coach becomes one of top 3 apps for calorie counting that must be downloaded. It has great features to calculate the number of calorie. This application is beneficial to keep a healthy dietary habit and active physically. By downloading it, you can keep motivated to run a healthy life for a better diet result. Noom Weight Loss Coach creates a daily journal of calorie. It is like counting the achievement mark that you got in the attempts of losing weight and reporting the success level of your diet program. These features are easily applied and have food segmentations including physical exercises. This calorie counting application is compatible with android and iOs that can be downloaded freely.

Lose It!


Counting the number of calorie is very difficult manually. You have to be consistent to count it correctly. Sometimes, there is a wrong and inaccurate calculation of calorie consumed by a body. If it is allowed, it can destroy your diet program. It requires an accurate calorie counting application. Lose It! is another recommended calorie counting application. This application has some features helping you to reach desirable weight. Those features includes food database, healthy food menus, nutrition sufficiency check, and activities conducted. In addition, it can be operated with no internet connection. It is available for android and smartphone freely.

Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker


If you have calorie problems, doing exercises is the best way to control it. A balance nutrition intake is a key to achieve the success of diet. You may download and install a calorie counting application. This is more efficient and effective to count calorie intake. Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker becomes a recommended application of calorie counter. It is easy and quick to use. Moreover, it has a list of much calorie number. You can recognize how much calorie is consumed by a body if you eat pizza, French fries, ice cream, and many more. This amazing application can be download freely on android, iOs, and smartphone. Surprisingly, it belongs to top 3 apps for calorie counting.

The Best Top 3 Apps for Diet

The top 3 apps for diet are totally needed by anyone who wants to get slimmer. Today, we live in the world of advanced technology and even our mobile phone today can help us to make our body slimmer. There are so many apps available for iPhone or Android gadget that can help you to get slimmer. What are they? Below are the top 3 apps for diet that will be useful for you.

  1. Lose It


This app is available for both iPhone and Android. This app is going to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle so that you can perform your weight loss program better. One of the best features about this app is the fact that this app is available as a website as well. So, you can track your information not only with your mobile phone but also your computer. This app will also allow you to get to know other people who use the app as well. So, it is a kind of helping you get to know people who have the same goal with you: losing weight. You can also find the information about the food that you can eat or cannot eat so that you can make smart decisions and lose weight quickly. This app will also allow you to create your very own weight loss plan, give you access to verified food database, and healthy recipes as well. This app connects to several other apps. This app is free and you can upgrade it to the premium version with only $39.99. The premium version is completed by more tracking, more upgrades, more diet tips, and more meal planning, and so on.

  1. MyFitnessPal


This app is one of the best apps available to help you get slimmer and healthier. This app allows you to track your own food intake and to keep an eye on your exercise. This app will also connect you to many other users of the app so that you can get in touch with other people who have same motivation with you. Having friends like that will also help to keep you motivated. This app also provides healthy food database, allows you to set diet goal, and allows you to set exercise goal as well. This app is available for Android, iPhone, Windows phone, and also BlackBerry. Using this app, it will be possible for you to connect to other healthy apps like FitBit, Runtastic, Pact, and many more. From more info check out MyFitnessPal site

  1. Diet Hero


This Diet Hero app is a diet app for iPhone user. It has not available for Android yet but the popularity is really great indeed. This app is literally the hero when you are on diet. It is because this app is going to give you a lot of free tips and tricks to make your diet successful. Beside of that, this app also provides you with better food database so that you can consider whether or not you can eat something.

All of the above are the top 3 apps for diet that will be useful for you. You can choose which one you like the best and get it for your smart phone.


List of Top 5 Apps for Autism

Parents who have kids with autism always look for the top 5 apps for autism. Kids with autism need special care and they need to learn anyway. However, teaching a kid with autism is nowhere near teaching a kid with no special condition like that. The things to learn and to memorize must be fun and not intimidating for kids with autism. So, below is the list of top 5 apps for autism.

  1. Starfall ABC


This app allows you to help your kid to learn to read. This app teaches the alphabet for your kids using sounds. This app is such a positive reinforcement for any kids with autism. The fun song and cute characters that will be with your kid during he plays with the app. This app can also encourage the kid to keep trying to read with its fun song and improve their vocabulary. This app is available for Android gadget and iPhone as well.

  1. Emotions and Feelings


For kids with autism, identifying whether someone is upset or someone is healthy can be challenging. Thus you need to teach it to your kid in the cutest and more memorable way. One of them is using the Emotions and Feeling apps. There, you can see different feelings look like and your kid can learn why people sad and how a happy face looks like. Everything can be learnt here in such a fun way. This app is available for Android gadget and also for iPhone.

  1. The Monster at the End of This Book


This app is from Sesame Street. It is very adorable because it is bright, funny, and very colorful. Children will love playing with a book like this even a kid with autism case. This book is going to provide interactive storytelling, helpful tips, and many more.

  1. Super Why


This app is going to allow your kid with autism to keep learning in the best way. This app is basically a hunt identifying letter that will make your kids busy for hours. The app also has good stories in it that you can read to your kid before bed. This app is available for Android mobile phone and iPhone as well.

  1. Fruit Ninja


This game is very popular because it is fun and it can be played by anyone including kids with autism. This game will trigger the motor ability of autistic kid to improve. Use your tablet to play the game and let your kid has so much fun slashing the fruits like a real ninja. This app will also allow your kids to learn how to concentrate and how to think fast as well. This app is available for Android gadget and iPhone as well.

Those are the apps that made it to the list of the top 5 apps for autism. If you know anyone with autism, there is no harm to make them use all those apps above. Those apps are really helpful for you and your autistic relative.