New Mom Needs These 6 Best Apps in Her Smartphone

Congratulation for being a new mom! Aside from feeling the excitement for being a new mom, you may have struggle to balance your life as you need look after the baby(ies), while at the same time doing house chores, office work, and not to forget yourself. Thanks God, now the technology provides us some help to manage your new life as a mom. Through these best apps, you can learn how to be a good mother for your child.

  1. White Noise Baby


As the name, this apps contain various sounds, like train, beach wave, wind, and many more, which can help you to connect your baby to everyday sounds, as well as to soothe them to sleep soundly. This is not only a solution to help you calm your baby, but also a smart method to help your baby learning every day’s sounds.

  1. MammaBaby

Apple has just picked MammaBaby is one of the best apps to help a mother to take care of her baby. This app features helpful alarms which are efficient in establishing routines such as feeding, sleeping and raking medicines. This app is also possible for automatic synchronization of the baby’s log between several devices. By then, your partner who is as curious as the baby’s daily schedule can be informed at any time.

  1. Total Baby


The function of this app is somehow the same with MammaBaby. However, this app has more detailed features, so no wonder it gains popularity as the best baby logging and tracking app and gets featured in Parenting Magazine. Not only keeping track of feeding, sleeping schedule, pumping, it also saves the immunizations schedule, doctor’s visit, allergies and many more. For losing weight for nursing mom or called busui, check out

  1. Today’s Parent My Family

It is essential for a new mom to acquire all the relevant information for her baby. This app is the best you can install as it helps you to get all the development information based on your baby’s age and stage, simply by entering the age of your baby. More than that, this app lets you to create a digital scrapbook from your baby’s photos and videos through its Storybook feature.

  1. Baby Tracker Nursing App

The aim of this app is to keep your reminded of the breastfeeding schedule. This app is especially useful when you need to share the details with the doctor or the lactation consultant as it has a nursing history log recording the baby’s feeding time. The plus point of this app is that Baby Tracker Nursing can be used to keep track of up to 6 nursing logs for 6 different babies. So, this app is particularly ideal for a new mom with twins of even triplets.

  1. Instant Playdates

For a new mom, it is great to share information and experiences with the other moms with kids around her baby’s age. This app, works like a blind dating app, help you to arrange playdates with other moms whose babies are at a similar age as yours. After all, it has another benefit to help your baby to socialize and make friends as early as possible.