List of Top 5 Apps for Autism

Parents who have kids with autism always look for the top 5 apps for autism. Kids with autism need special care and they need to learn anyway. However, teaching a kid with autism is nowhere near teaching a kid with no special condition like that. The things to learn and to memorize must be fun and not intimidating for kids with autism. So, below is the list of top 5 apps for autism.

  1. Starfall ABC


This app allows you to help your kid to learn to read. This app teaches the alphabet for your kids using sounds. This app is such a positive reinforcement for any kids with autism. The fun song and cute characters that will be with your kid during he plays with the app. This app can also encourage the kid to keep trying to read with its fun song and improve their vocabulary. This app is available for Android gadget and iPhone as well.

  1. Emotions and Feelings


For kids with autism, identifying whether someone is upset or someone is healthy can be challenging. Thus you need to teach it to your kid in the cutest and more memorable way. One of them is using the Emotions and Feeling apps. There, you can see different feelings look like and your kid can learn why people sad and how a happy face looks like. Everything can be learnt here in such a fun way. This app is available for Android gadget and also for iPhone.

  1. The Monster at the End of This Book


This app is from Sesame Street. It is very adorable because it is bright, funny, and very colorful. Children will love playing with a book like this even a kid with autism case. This book is going to provide interactive storytelling, helpful tips, and many more.

  1. Super Why


This app is going to allow your kid with autism to keep learning in the best way. This app is basically a hunt identifying letter that will make your kids busy for hours. The app also has good stories in it that you can read to your kid before bed. This app is available for Android mobile phone and iPhone as well.

  1. Fruit Ninja


This game is very popular because it is fun and it can be played by anyone including kids with autism. This game will trigger the motor ability of autistic kid to improve. Use your tablet to play the game and let your kid has so much fun slashing the fruits like a real ninja. This app will also allow your kids to learn how to concentrate and how to think fast as well. This app is available for Android gadget and iPhone as well.

Those are the apps that made it to the list of the top 5 apps for autism. If you know anyone with autism, there is no harm to make them use all those apps above. Those apps are really helpful for you and your autistic relative.