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Every App Has a Story: Go-Togethers

“It’s essential to build a strong base of vocabulary words and meanings to help us organize our language and assist in word retrieval.” — Rosie Simms, SLP, teacher, and author of Go-Togethers


Rosie Simms has been writing materials for speech and language therapy purposes for more than 25 years. She [...]


Every App Has A Story – i Create…Social Skills Stories

“Some users — especially teachers and SLPs — know exactly how they want a story to read. We’re giving them an easy way to create their own stories.”

— Amy Criscuolo, mom of two and co-founder of i Get It!





i Create … Social Skills Stories



Every App Has A Story: ArtikPix


“I was in speech therapy as a child. When I became a speech-language pathologist, I wanted to make the flashcards used in therapy more engaging.” — Eric Sailers, Creator of ArtikPix


Eric Sailers had a speech delay. He didn’t begin talking until he was nearly three years old. Three decades later, he’s a [...]